Sacramento is a state of mind. You can begrudge its homely cowtown roots and rafts of forgotten souls, or you can see hope and pride through its storied past, learned mistakes, and plucky persistence. Urbs indomita and its identity struggles are a product of its trading post origins, immigrant histories, and infrastructural fantasies, coupled with an inferiority complex long fueled by Capitol transients and Bay Area transplants.

Policy. Culture. People. Place. As surely as the twin rivers flow, individuals and forces will continue to remake Sacramento in their own image, sometimes at cost to other voices. Whose Sacramentality will win out, and whose will fade away? How do we sort the suspect from the sensible, and the hapless from the thoughtful? Where can we grow as a community, where can we laugh as the whimsical, and where can we celebrate as a heritage?

We’ll talk about it here. We hope you will, too.

— The Sacramentality Team

Contact: Sacramentality2017[at]gmail.com

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